Custom Backdrops

Wooden Arch Backdrops:

We offer arch backdrops behind our candy buffet as a way to elevate the design from floor to ceiling.


Customizable Backdrop:

Do you have an upcoming event with very specific design needs. We have a team of fabricators who can cut, design and paint your backdrops. We also offer vinyl wrapping and custom wooden arches.

Balloon Garland + Shimmer Wall:

Yes please! A balloon garland and or a shimmer wall is the ultimate way to elevate the look and design of your buffet table for your event.


Fabric Arch Backdrop:

We have the ability to custom print any graphic for our arches and cylinder plinths. Generally 1-3 months of planning goes into a design like below. Contact us today for a design consultation.

Shelf Backdrops:

Do you have a candy store design in mind? If so, we got you covered! A shelf behind a candy buffet is a perfect way to enhance your candy / dessert buffet design